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March 2019 Blog - Crackled Welcome Name Board

Welcome Board

Step 1 : Collect the materials - Raw MDF Name Board, MDF Welcome Cutting, Paints, Chalk Paint, One Step Crackle Medium, Mod Podge, Sandpaper, Decoupage Napkin,Varnish,Glue,and flat brushes

Required Materials

Step 2: Paint the MDF Name Board with any Dark Coloour, I have used Black Colour here.Paint the MDF Cutting with the colour of your choice.I have painted that Black too. Let the paint dry for 15-20 minutes.

Name Board and Cutting painted Black

Step 3: Apply a coat of One Step Crackle Medium on the painted Surface. Size of cracks depends on the amount of crackle medium applied. Lesser the amount applied smaller the cracks. Avoid applying too much of Crackle medium.Let it dry for 30 mins -45 mins.

I have used Little Birdie-One Step Crackle Medium for best results,

surface shines after One Step Crackle Medium Application

Step 4: Apply a coat of lighter Shade of Chalk Paint . When the pain dries Cracks appear. have used Little Birdie White Chalk Paint.

Cracks appear when the chalk paint dries

Step 5: Take out motifs from a Decoupage Napkin using a Wet Brush.

Napkin Motifs

Step 6: Remove the layers of Decoupage Napkin and paste the top layer with Modpodge on the crackled board. After pasting the napkin , seal the napkin edges by coating a layer of modpodge on top.

Napkin motifs pasted on the crackled surface

Step 6: Stick the Welcome cutting with glue, I have used fevibond to stick. Varnish the entire project and let it dry.

Crackled NameBoard

Hope you learned something from this blog. See you next month with a new blog :)

Stay Creative!

Here are the links to the products used :

Name Board :

Crackle Medium :

Chalk Paint :

Decoupage Napkin:

ModPodge and Varnish :

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