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Nargis Khan, Creative Head and Artist

Decoupage Artist and Mentor, Youtuber and Entrepreneur


Imran Ishtiaq, Web and Content developer

Co-founder, Web and Content developer

Masooda Khan Crochet

Masooda Khan, Crochet Artist

Experience with Crochet  and Knitting for over 50 years. Find my exclusive collection here.

Our Story

Started by Nargis Khan & Imran Ahmed in August 2017, by setting up a small pop up store in our apartment complex. Selling Hand crafted, Up-cycled, Decoupaged Items. To setting up our own e-commerce store. We have come a long way, training people in the art of decoupage and crafting. Over here we have extensively sourced the materials required for your crafting needs. So hop in and start exploring our various collections.

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