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Janauary 2019 Blog: Decoupage A Kitchen Decor Using Black Decoupage Napkin

Learn how to work with a Black Decoupage Napkin with this Simple Project.

Step 1: Collect the items required, an Mdf base, Decoupage Napkin, Gesso, Paints,Varnish ,Brush ,Dabber,Sand paper and Embellishments

Step 2: Gesso one side of the mdf base and dry completely

Step 3 : Apply white Acrylic Paint on the Gessoed Surface. This makes the surface brighter. Dry the paint completely.

Step 4: Remove the layers of the Decoupage Napkin. Will be using the top most layer.

Step 5: Apply the Matte ModPodge on the MDF surface and slowly paste the top layer of the napkin. Make sure you do not apply too less or too more of modpodge.

Step 6: After 10-15 mins , seal the Decoupage Napkin by applying another layer of modpodge on Decoupage Napkin. After Modpodge dries, sand the extra napking using the sand paper.

Step 7: Color the White portion and the backside with Black colour.

Step 8: Varnish the project. After the varnish dries, decorate with embellishments.Your cool Kitchen Decor is ready.

Useful Links :

Buy Decoupage Napkins :

Buy ModPodge & Varnish :

Buy MDF Bases :

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