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Feb 2019 Blog - Decoupage & Stamping on Faux Leather Passport Cover

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Travel is on my mind ! Decoupage & stamping a Passport Cover for myself appeared to be a good idea .Here is the step by step procedure.

Decoupaged Passport Cover

Step 1 : Collect the materials required - faux leather cover, Decoupage Napkin,Modpodge Matte, Flat Brush,Sand Paper, Distress Ink, Stamp,Archival Ink and Aquador Varnish.

Few Materails that are used . For the complete list refer to Step 1.

Step 2: Remove the Layers of the Decoupage Napkin .Top layer is used,

Make sure layers of Decoupage Napkin are removed

Step 3: Apply Modpode Matte on a smaller Area on the Cover and gently paste the top layer of Decoupage Napkin. Repeat the process to cover entire area.Apply apt amount of Modpoge to avoid tearing of Napkin.

Step 4 : In a similar way paste the napkin on the inside portion of the cover too. Let the modpode dry for 5-7 minutes.

Step 5 : Seal the project by applying a layer of Modpodge on the pasted napkin.Let the project dry for minimum 15 minutes.

Step 6: Sand the extra Decoupage Napkin using fine sandpaper.

Step 7 : Distress the edges with Distress Ink . I have stamped the cover using Stamp ,Acrylic Block and Archival Ink. Strap of the Cover is also decoupaged.

Stamped with Archival Ink

Step 8 : Varnish the Passport cover with Asian Paints Aquadur Varnish. And the personalized Passport Cover is ready.

Links for Supplies Uses :

Buy Decoupage Napkins :

Buy ModPodge & Varnish :

Buy Faux Leather Products :

Buy Stamps here :;

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