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December 2018 Blog : Sun Kissed Buddha Diary

Here is the December Blog for creating covers of Journal with mixed media technique.

This is a super easy technique and beginners can easlily follow it.

It is a good idea to start the new year withthe handcrafted journal. Happy New Year 2019.

Step 1: list of supplies used 1- Journal with MDF cover 2-Buddha Stencil 3- Modelling Paste 4- Gesso 5- Paints 6- Varnish 7-Palette Knife 8-Brushes and Sponge

Supplies Used

Step 1: Remove the MDF Covers of the journal.

MDF Covers are separated out

Step 2: Use the Modelling paste with Palette Knife over the stencil to get the textured Buddha on both front and back covers. Let it dry for an hour or two.

Buddha Face textured over the covers

Step 3:Apply a uniform thin layer of Gesso on both the sides of the front and back covers and let it dry. Gesso dries quickly , dry each side 15-20 minutes.

Gesso applied on the front and back sides of the cover

Gesso applied on the inner side of the covers

Step 4 : Paint the Red,Orange and Yellow colours with help of sponge. To highlight the textured surface ,keep the stencil over it and dab with contrast colours.

The covers being painted

Paint the back sides too

Step 5: After the paint dries, Varnish both the sides of the covers. After the varnish dries, put the covers back to journal. Sun Kissed Buddha Journal is ready :)

The final Look

Hope you enjoyed reading the Blog. You can get the supplies at below links:

Stencils :

Gesso ,Modelling Paste & Varnish:

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