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September 2018 Blog - Decoupage on Glass with Decoupage Napkin

Supplies Used :

1- Matt Chalk Acrylic Paint – Snow

2- Sponge Dabber

3- Decoupage Napkin

4- Decoupage Medium ModPodge Matte /Decoupage Glue

5- Varnish

6- Little Birdie Handmade Flowers

7- Laces and Ribbons

Supplies Used

Step 1: Clean the Glass Bottle and pat it dry. Apply a coat of Matt CHALK Acrylic Paint on the Bottle evenly with the help of Sponge Brush. Yes, we can directly apply Chalk Paint on a Glass Bottle.

Step 2: After the Chalk Paint first coat dries, it dries quick, apply another coat of Matt CHALK Acrylic Paint on the Bottle. Let it dry. You can paint the base of the bottle too.

Bottle After the Chalk Paint Dries

Step 3: Cut out the designs from the Decoupage Napkin carefully using a wet brush.

Napkins CutOut With layers intact

Step 4: Decoupage Napkin has three layers, carefully remove the two base layers.

Napkins CutOut After the layers are removed

Step 5: Place your designs cut out on the bottle and decide where exactly to place your design on the bottle. Once decided, apply a layer of Decoupage glue and paste your napkin. Remember to work in small areas. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 6: Seal the entire project with a generous coat of Decoupage Glue. Let it dry completely.

After the Napins are pasted and sealed

Step 7: Varnish the entire project using Glossy Varnish. Let the project dry

Step 8: Decorate the Bottle with Little Birdie Flowers and Laces.

Decoupage Glass Bottle is Ready!!

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