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October 2018 Blog : Image Transfer Tutorial using Transfer Paper & ModPodge.

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Step 1 : Listing all the supplies used - MDF base, Chalk Paint,Transfer Paper, ModPodge, Decoupage Tissue,Varnish and Embellishments

decoupage using image transfer
step 1: Gather all the Supplies needed.

Step 2 : Prepare the MDF Base by applying two coats of Chalk Paint. To make the background interesting spray black paint using an old Tooth brush.

Check below pic for reference

Step 2: Base Preparation with Chalk Paint

Step 3: Cut out the Image of your choice from the Transfer paper. You will notice that the image is a mirror image of the actual picture.Cut it out as neatly and precisely as possible.

transfer paper
Step 3: Transfer Paper Cut Out

Step 4: Carefully paste the Transfer paper on the base using Modpodge Matte. Apply a coat of Modpodge on the entire image, and also make sure there should be no air bubbles between the surface and the image.

Step 4 : Transfer paper cut out is pasted on the base

Step 5: Let the project dry for 6-8 hrs.

Step 6: After the 6-8 hrs of drying, wet the surface with few drops of water and slowly rub out the paper with the circulation motion of your fingers.

Make sure you don't rub too hard on the surface, surface tends to look a little white when it dries, do not rub if this happens. Too much rubbing can remove the transferred image.

Advantage of using Transfer sheet is that its quite thin and gets quickly removed.

step 5 & 6 : Paper after drying and paper layer is being removed

Entire paper is removed

Step 7: Seal the surface with a coat of Modpodge and let it dry.

step 7 : Transferred Image sealed with ModPodge

Step 8: To decorate the base further, I am using Decoupage Napkin, take out the designs from the napkin using a wet brush

step 8 : Napkin Cut out

Step 9: Remove the layers of the napkins and paste the top layer on the sides of the base with Modpodge.

Step 9: Decoupage Napkin pasted with ModPodge

Step 10: Remove the extra Napkin from the edges using Sandpaper and Nail filer. Seal the project with Modpodge.

After the project dries, Varnish it using Asian Paints Aquador Water based PU and decorate with embellishments(Optional).

step 10: Finished look

Hope you enjoyed reading it. You can check out the supplies used from below mentioned links:

MDF Bases :

Chalk Paints :

Transfer Papers :

ModPodge :

Decoupage Napkins :

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