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A Decoupage class at the Courtyard House

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

The Sunday on 16/09 turned out to be pretty different than anticipated . We had just launched our website after a super hectic week and I was also conducting a Decoupage Workshop on Glass Bottle at Art of Courtyard.

So the day started with me being super tired, but also excited by the number of visitors visiting my website and looking at the various products.

Now coming back to the workshop. I was expecting it to be just another usual workshops where I carefully carry my creative stuffs, hire a cab, travel across Bangalore traffic, reach my destination and meet enthusiastic participants and hobbyists and have a good creative time while we make beautiful things together. I end up making friends and at the end of session, exchange our numbers and say Adieu .

Art at Courtyard experience was different , I have never been there before, I was excited to see the new place.

To my surprise or (I was actually hoping) that being a Sunday my husband offered me his company to the place and the workshop.

Amidst of this crazy busy city I found this peaceful quiet and a beautiful place.The Courtyard House. The Courtyard House is a boutique venue near the Karmelram Railway station, at Sarjapura. They rent out the place for Weddings, Corporate Events, Photo Shoot, etc.

Its a beautiful red-brick house, surrounded by lush green lawns and Trees. It was raining that day and it really added more charm to the surroundings.

And I bet you cant get a better combination of Art and Nature, I felt lucky.

At this amazing place, I found these art lovers anxiously waiting for the workshop to start.

And we had yet another creative Decoupage workshop where we upcycled old glass bottles to art pieces.

Nargis Khan Taking Decoupage Class
Nargis Khan Taking Decoupage Class

I felt happy to see the joy and content in the eyes of the participants as they held their creative art pieces.

I thoroughly enjoyed the art session as my husband waited patiently.

Me, Arun , Sonali, Amreen ,Kirthika and Ann discovered something common, yes the joy of Art and handcrafted.

Ann deserves a special mention as she taught me how to make a Dream Catcher , I am amazed by her creative skills and patience and warmth while she teach.

And it was time for a final Photo shoot session of the finished products. Here are the pics below.

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