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By Nargis Khan

Mr Muffin is the official website of Decoupage artist & Crafter Nargis Khan and has everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. Shop for exclusive handcrafted product by Nargis here. We provide a wide range of Art & Craft Supplies for your crafting needs and ship PAN India.

We also conduct workshops on various art forms including Decoupage on Glass, Wood, Canvas, Fabric and Mixed media. Check out our Events page to register for classes or book an online tutorial to learn through video tutorials remotely.

Crafter of the Quarter

Khurshid Irani Rodrigues


Different people find different ways to express love: some use their hands and some their brains while a few use their legs and others use their bodies altogether.


I am the type of person who loves using my hands to get my creative juices flowing and put into practice the hidden potential of craft contained within.


I have been a hairdresser since time immemorial. However, since 2019, realizing that standing for long hours would be painful, I began investing effort and time into channeling my creativity into craft.


I have since explored almost all types of crafts, including decoupage, clay work, candle making, cloth flowers, and paintings. I can thus claim the title of being "the jack of all and master of none." 


I really enjoy doing craft, as it makes me happy and peaceful.

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