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  • Includes Peal Pink,Pearl Blue,Pearl Lemon Yellow,Pearl Green,Pearl Black and Pearl White
  • Pearl Colours - Make paintings pop out using the 6 vibrant shades.. It lets artists give depth and dimension to their creations
  • Multisurface Use - The Fevicryl Acrylic Pearl Kit comprises of vibrant painting colours and refined shades that work across a wide variety of mediums. Apply these paints to various surfaces like wood, canvas, leather, terracotta and even fabrics.
  • Flows Smoothly - The fabric colours aren't prone to flaking and dry fast. It flows smoothly and glides with elegance across your desired medium.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe -The colouring kit is safe for use by young artists. The paints are made using non-toxic substances and pose no health risk. The cleanup is also very easy after you're done creating art projects.
  • Very Beginner-Friendly - No need to be an expert artist to use this.




Fevicryl Pidilite Pearl Kit - Acrylic Colours 10 ml, 6 Shades

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